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Know Pain, Know Gain

Jan 21, 2019

“Do what you love and the rest will come.”

If you've ever met someone and said: "Wow, I want your life," Matt Poole is that guy.  Matt started his career as a travel writer (in the ancient days when people used travel books), and that opportunity afforded Matt the ability to turn his passion into a profession.

Turns out when you follow your heart, opportunity presents itself more often than not. Inspiration would invite Matt to launch two other ventures: launching one of the early e-commerce travel companies, and most recently launching a digital marketing company called

Listen in as Jay and Matt talk about releasing the fear of loss, following your passion, staying focused, knowing where the market is going, and so much more.

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Episode Highlights:

02:30 STOP Overspending

07:25 Unbox Your Business

16:00 Why 2minutes?

32:15 Don't Stop Making Mistakes

46:49 Choosing the Right partner