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Know Pain, Know Gain

Apr 14, 2020

“Know when to be efficient and know when to be effective.” -Scott Jeffrey Miller


In this episode, Jay talks to Scott Jeffrey Miller, the Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership at Franklin Covey and author of the book, Management Mess to Leadership Success. Jay and Scott discuss: the difference of being reckless vs fearless, being emotionally agile, being a contingency planner, how to avoid disruptions, how to be emergent rather than deliberate, the importance of picking the right counselors, the visionary versus the integrator role, matching your ideas to your capacity to execute, what makes a successful CEO, staying on the top of creating contents, and so much more… 



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Episode Highlights:

02:25 The Role of Thought Leadership 

08:20 Be Emotionally Agile

13:16 Emergent vs Deliberate

21:44 Pick Your Counselors

28:33 Visionary vs Integrator- Who To Become

33:45 Your Job As The Leader

40:49 A Different Kind of Leadership Books

45:15 Top The Writing Game