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Know Pain, Know Gain

Jul 27, 2021

“People sometimes don't have access to the same opportunities… so the training is ever more important to put everybody on the same level, to give another chance to someone who didn't have the best education to come up to the next level.” -Bernardo Weaver 


Wall Street, as a global financial center for centuries, stands and continues to grow. But what can we learn from this structured industry, especially in the early stages of our business? In this episode, I am pumped to have on the show Bernardo Weaver, Founder of Weaver Advisory LLC., and also a good friend of mine. Bernardo spent over 20 years as an advisor for the World Bank and financial modeling instructor and trainer for top investment banks. He and his team help organizations find tailored solutions for their PPP projects, valuations, and financial dilemmas. 


Bureaucracy and over-regulation plague the financial industry. If we look at entrepreneurship in terms of economics and resource allocation, small and average-sized businesses barely stand a chance. Thankfully, modernization is slowly bypassing the traditional banking institutions to pave the way for small business owners to succeed. 


Although having their advantages, there are elites and educated people who are yet to uncover the secret of wealth. In this conversation, Bernardo and I had an incredible exchange about the financial industry and entrepreneurship. Bernardo will take you deep into the realm of world banking and some insider tips and secrets about how this giant institution makes money and how small business owners can take advantage of this structure to uplevel their game and find their niche. He also shares the importance of training and how it can help entrepreneurs break free from the trap of overeducation and demographics. The tables turned as Bernardo takes charge of the questioning (ha ha!) and I get to talk about balancing the service delivery and management aspect of your business and making your business more profitable despite the risks. 


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Episode Highlights:

06:28 Navigating a Bureaucratic Industry

12:35 How Financial Institutions Make Money  

18:41 The Entrepreneur’s Sticking Point

25:21 Finance, Culture, and Language 

36:10 Pros and Cons of World Banking

41:16 Who’s Really Making Money?

46:04 Avoid This Expensive Cost!

49:42 How to Make Your Business More Profitable

53:30 How to Succeed as Parentpreneurs